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Dalston Junior

Dalston Junior Mannequin Collection
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Dalston Junior Mannequins

The Dalston Junior mannequin is a capsule collection of playful and energetic teenage mannequins.

There are 3 poses to choose from all with a sense of movement and a cheeky confidence.

The relaxed and casual kids mannequins are perfect for reflecting today’s youth culture. Assured and independent The Dalston Junior mannequin collection provides the perfect solution to today’s VM challenges.

Mannequin Bases and Spigots

A variety of different mannequin bases are available, adding stability and flexibility to your displays, these include glass, stainless steel and powder coated. All mannequins come with a foot and ankle spigot.

Mannequin Heads (Faceless or Sculpted)

The Dalston Collection has a wide range of mannequin heads. The choice of either an abstract faceless or beautifully sculpted / realistic female mannequin head with facial features can be supplied. Dalston male Mannequins also come available as a male headless option.

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The Dalston Mannequin Collection

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