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Farringdon Mannequin Collection
Farringdon Mannequin Collection

The Farringdon Mannequin Collection

The Farringdon mannequin collection was created to offer a solution to the demands of today’s retail environments. H.O.L worked with one of the UK's leading body language experts to create a range of versatile poses that convey a positive, strong contemporary attitude. The range consists of male, female and children’s mannequins. A diffusion range is also included ideal for lingerie brands whilst plus size options are also included.

Female Mannequins

The Farringdon Female mannequin has been created to offer a comprehensive collection of elegant silhouettes perfect for a variety of retail environments. These confident and contemporary mannequins are ideal for high fashion or equally look stunning in more formal clothing.

Diffusion Female Mannequins

The Farringdon Diffusion Female was designed to offer an alternative to the main classic mannequin ranges. This capsule collection of animated mannequins is ideal for displaying lingerie, sportswear or streetwear due to its reduced heel heights.

Male Mannequins

The Farringdon Male mannequin has been created to work perfectly in various retail scenarios. With a comprehensive selection of poses this mannequin works well in casual as well as tailored clothing.

Child/Kids Mannequins

Playful, expressive and fun, the Farringdon Kids mannequin collection perfectly portray the energy that children emanate. You could almost expect to hear them laughing! The comprehensive range showcases mannequins from 6 months to 10 years.
Plus Size Mannequins
The Farringdon range includes a selection of plus size mannequins to reflect todays changing fashion market, responsible advertising and portraying diversity. These female mannequins are available in UK size 18-20 and the male UK XXL.

Farringdon 12 Collection

New for 2019, the Farringdon range now includes a capsule collection of (UK) size 12 mannequins. Reflecting a constantly evolving fashion market, Farringdon 12 has an aspirational, beautiful feminine silhouette. These mannequins are an integral addition to the Farringdon collection, furthering the H.O.L commitment to contemporary body representation.

Farringdon Catalogue

View the diverse and comprehensive Farringdon range in this catalogue.

Farringdon Bespoke

The Farringdon collection is the perfect foundation for you to express your creativity. The H.O.L bespoke service allows you to create a mannequin to reflect your brands handwriting. The choice of finish, materials, colour, articulated arms as well as choice of base, head and make-up can all be facilitated to your requirements allowing you to display a mannequin that is truly unique.

Farringdon Gallery

The diversity of the Farringdon mannequin collection lends itself to a variety of retail environments from high street to international department stores. Global Retailers have responded to the ranges diversity by offering an effective solution to today’s VM challenges.

Fashion Retailers
The Farringdon Series is a perfect collection of contemporary mannequins that lends itself to a wide range of retail scenarios. Both designer and high street brands have responded positively to this stunning, dynamic and inclusive collection of mannequins and Farringdon can be seen across the globe.

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