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Farringdon Plus Size Male

The Farringdon Collection

Farringdon Plus Size Male Mannequin Collection
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Farringdon Plus Size Male Mannequins

The Farringdon Plus Size Male Mannequin range was inspired and designed to cater for the needs of modern fashion retailing. Reflecting todays attitudes to body positivity and diversity. These beautifully crafted mannequins are authoritive, powerful retain a strong male identity.

H.O.L worked with one of the UK’s leading body language experts to create this unique male mannequin collection – the result is a striking range of poses that conveys the attitude of the modern man.

These plus size mannequins are available in UK XXL.

Male Mannequin Heads (Faceless or Sculpted)

The Farringdon Collection has a wide range of male mannequin heads. The choice of either an abstract faceless or beautifully sculpted / realistic male mannequin head with facial features can be supplied. Farringdon Plus Size Male Mannequins also come available as a male headless option.

Bespoke Mannequins

You can personalise your male mannequin by choosing our bespoke service. You can choose whatever colour and finish you want. Make-up can be added to the realistic mannequin faces by our skilled make-up artists. Male mannequin wigs are also available.

All our male mannequins are finished in a scratch resistant coating as standard.

For customers wanting a complete bespoke mannequin pose H.O.L can also create a completely unique mannequin, themed to your brand or collection.

H.O.L will work with you from brief, through design and sculpting process, to the completion of your perfect exclusive mannequin.

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