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H.O.L Group Hangers
H.O.L Group Hangers

H.O.L Group Hangers

Wood, Metal and Plastic Ethically Sourced Hangers

H.O.L GROUP has been making beautiful bespoke coat and clothes hangers for over 20 years. Our vast experience and expertise makes H.O.L the go to leading hanger supplier, based in London UK.

Using the finest quality woods that are ethically sourced (F.S.C certified) H.O.L can provide luxury hangers to suit any scenario from retail, designer, hotels to boutique and hospitality. Our expertly handcrafted wooden hangers are also available in metal, plastic, acrylic, recycled and sustainable materials.

At H.O.L GROUP we are committed to sustainability, reducing the carbon footprint and protecting the environment. Many of our bespoke hangers are sustainable from fully recycled plastic hangers to 100% eco-friendly bio-degradable hangers.
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H.O.L GROUP are committed to provide ethically sourced hangers whether your preference is wood, metal or plastic.

The option to have a completely sustainable hanger is now achievable. 100% bio degradable hangers are now available.  These eco-friendly hangers can also be customised by adding your logo providing you with a truly unique hanger.

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To learn more about our full Hanger Collection, Branded and Personalised Hangers or to discuss your hanger requirements, please contact our sales team on +44 208 885 3055 or email us on