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Metal Hangers

Ethically Sourced Metal Hangers

Metal Hangers
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If wooden or plastic hangers are not your preferred choice HOL GROUP can provide a comprehensive selection of ethically sourced metal hangers.

Our metal hangers come in a wide selection of styles from jacket and top hangers, to trouser and suit. Hangers can be customised to any size you require, and children’s and lingerie hangers are also catered for.

The choice of metalwork can also be customised, from chrome and aluminium to wire. Covering metal hangers is also achievable – foam and PVC coated provide a solution to ensuring your hangers remain anti slip.

Our metal hangers can also be branded, ensuring your personal bespoke hangers are truly unique.

At HOL GROUP we are committed to sustainability, reducing the carbon footprint and protecting the environment. Many of our metal bespoke hangers can be made sustainable.

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