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Paddington Female

Paddington Female Mannequin Collection
Click the image above to view the Paddington Female Mannequin Collection

Paddington Female Mannequins

The beauty of the Paddington mannequin range is that tailoring each form to a bespoke option is easy. Choices can be endless from choosing fabrics to cover the torso to what colour/ stain the articulated arms are. These vintage inspired mannequins can be customised to suit your retail or display environment.

If choosing a bust form rather than a full body mannequin, the option of removing the fully articulated arms is also included. These mannequins can also be shown with/ without a head and the addition of a neck cap means you can have complete flexibility.

All bases can also be customised, these include glass, stainless steel and powder coated. All mannequins come with a foot and ankle spigot.

Bust forms can also have bespoke bases created from classic 'dressmakers' wheeled options to a more contemporary option in glass, metal, acrylic or even concrete.

H.O.L will work with you from initial brief to completion to help you to elevate your brand.

The Paddington Mannequin Collection

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