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Our portfolio showcases innovation, quality, and sustainability in bespoke metal hangers, custom displays, branding, and aesthetic enhancements. We collaborate with top global brands and retailers, delivering tailored solutions that enhance visual appeal and create memorable customer experiences. Explore our projects to see how HOL Group turns creative visions into stunning realities.


HOL Group can offer a diverse range of products and services through its various brands to include the following, we work with global leaders and have specialist manufacturing options to accommodate your every need. We will also work with you to explore any sustainable choices or sustainability considerations you or your brand want to implement:

HOL Group A set of wooden clothes hangers is hanging on a white metal clothes rack, adding a touch of home elegance. Some hangers have clips attached. The background is neutral.


We are proud to offer a vast range of bespoke hangers constructed from a selection of ethically sourced materials. Our wood is harvested from sustainably managed forests (FSC Certified) and produced in Europe. We can also offer hangers made from biopolymers produced in the UK & Europe, as well as both recycled plastic hangers and metal hangers.

HOL Group A featureless, white mannequin sitting on the floor with its legs crossed and arms resting on its knees. The figure is illuminated from the side, casting a distinct shadow on the light grey background. The overall scene evokes a minimalist and serene home setting.


Mannequin by HOL is our specialist site offering a collection of compelling mannequins designed to engage with customers and meet the demands of today’s retail and exhibition environments. Our in-house London based design team ensure our mannequins have quality and aspiration at their core.

HOL Group Hands holding a pile of small white plastic pellets over a larger collection of similar pellets spread out on a surface, perhaps in a home workshop. The image highlights the smooth texture and uniform size of the pellets.


As many businesses move towards becoming more sustainable with their products, HOL Group have an ongoing commitment to working with sustainable materials.  HOL understands the value in being transparent with its customers as to advise on the best ecological solution to support your business in making the right decision.

HOL Group A modern, minimalist clothing rack with a black metal frame and a speckled lower shelf, epitomizing What We Do—balance function and design. It holds a few white hangers, casting a shadow on the plain background. Simple and stylish, it emphasizes clean lines and functionality.


HOL produce beautiful bespoke display accessory furniture & fixtures, props  and artificial plants for a wide range of retail and exhibition spaces. VM solutions can be tailored to your brand so that they enhance and elevate your products. A wide selection of metal and wooden props can be created and personalised to include your company or brand logo.

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