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H.O.L. Group - About Us
H.O.L. Group - About Us

H.O.L. Group - About Us

H.O.L is a London based supplier specialising in facilitating retail and display requirements within Visual Merchandising. We provide a complete 360-degree approach to supporting businesses on their visual requirements. H.O.L can provide bespoke hangers, mannequins, furniture and Point of Sale. Retail displays can also be catered for.

A recently launched consultancy service with JDVM also means H.O.L can advise on shop fit design, commercial layouts, store set up support and VM guideline creation.

We provide creative and engaging concepts as well as installation and manufacturing services for UK and global customers.

H.O.L prides itself on customer support and has strong committed relationships with many major international brands. New businesses are also supported and we can offer assistance throughout the creative process from shop fit, mannequins, hangers and VM set up.

H.O.L Group Mannequins
Founded in the late 1970s H.O.L originated in the garment manufacturing industry providing an array of products for many brands. Factories were split between the UK and Turkey, with a workforce of over 1500 specialist staff we quickly became a trusted partner to many major retailers.

The business then took a different direction the 1990s as it became increasingly frustrated with the limited supply chain for garment trimmings and surprisingly - the plastic hanger. With this in mind we decided to create our own hangers and the original ‘Hangers of London’ was born. The business quickly progressed and today H.O.L Group supplies hangers to thousands of large and small businesses across the globe.

As the business evolved so did the companies’ ambition. H.O.L became more than a hanger supplier and now works on many various creative solutions for retail and event display.

We identified the need for a bespoke visual service and so extended this from hangers to mannequins, visual props, fixturing and most recently commercial VM advice.

Hire Services

A Hire Services range is available– identifying the changing needs within contemporary retailing. The ‘Hire Me’ range comprises of fixtures, hangers, mannequins and plinths. Everything is catered for – ideal for pop up stores and press day events.
Click here for more info: Retail Hire Services

Whatever your brief H.O.L can help your brand achieve its vision whatever the size of the project. Our in-house specialist creative team are on hand to advise your business on all aspects on Visual Merchandising and design.

Contact Us

For more information or to discuss your project, please contact our sales team on +44 208 885 3055 or email us on